Friday, 19 December 2014


A few favourite images collected throughout the year of our design travels.  The season is a culmination of our hopes, dreams and desires and for many, dreams that have been shattered.
My contribution is a simple desire to express hope through beauty... to erase sorrow for a fleeting moment... to reignite latent dreams through inspiration....

Thanks to all our readers for another successful year of Raconteur.  We wish you all a peaceful and joy filled holiday season.  May 2015 be kind to you and your families.

There is something infinitely more intriguing about dereliction,
  the sense of what might have been, what was and what is yet to come
envisioned through the eyes of the romantic...

Charged with scarcely concealed emotion, a portrait of Mrs Mary Robinson,
Sir Joshua Reynolds,1873-84,  The Wallace Collection

Betimes Books, The hotly debated cover of their limited edition Christmas volume
which is an original drawing by artist GĂ©rard Ramon.
I love the cover (as opposed to others in the office) and dipping into short stories.
Imagine my delight to find one is written by an author who is also my husband!

One from a series of panel of silk embroidery on linen depicting Mary and the angel
V and A exhibit

A winter brunch in celebration of my elder son's fifteenth birthday

A summer visit to Kew Palace.  This garden is my dream, intimate and romantic

On the same day at Kew, a passion flower photographed in one of the vast greenhouses.
Oh to have an orangery swathed in them...

A bride soon to appear at the doors swathed in roses; St Peter's church Winchester

Our darling Greta at her last picnic on St Catherine's Hill.
Mascot to the design business for fourteen years.  Oh, how we miss her...

The Nativity, Pierro della Francesca, 1406 at The National Gallery.
Like contemporary culture, this painting of the nativity shows the artist integrating myriad influences; from his own region of Italy with familiar scenic touches, from painters in the North of Europe with cooler tonal characteristics and the longer leaner human form, the use of oil paints instead of tempura, the imperfections apparent from "zealous over cleaning in the 19th century" according to the catalogue entry.  
Perfection made manifest in a fallen world.